I can help you think outside the box with great Ideas so your business can serve you better.

Year Round Service

Tax Services from January through April and throughout the rest of the year.

Nationwide Services

I am located in New York, but I service the entire U.S. Service with a smile!.

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About Me

Hi, I’m Ktasha (“Tasha”). I stopped calling myself a Tax Preparer years ago once I realized I was helping so many middle and high-income Entrepreneurs across the U. S. to save money with their taxes and/or maximize any refunds they were due. You see, I’m what you would call a Tax Strategist! This means I dig deeper and apply various tax strategies to your unique situation.

My clients will tell you that I always deliver the best results on their taxes and overall help to improve their small business.

Beyond taxes, I am a Small Business Consultant and a Business Developer who helps everyday people just like you to gain clarity out of their confusion. I can help you solve your small business problems, but more importantly I can help you “avoid” them! Please see my Service Brochure at the above link so you can learn about what I can offer you.

NATP Member

Benefits of Working With Me

  • My 20 years of Tax & Business industry experience can help you stay in tax compliance specific to your unique situation.
  • I use smart tax strategies to help you keep more of what you make
  • I use my business wisdom, knowledge and expertise to help you take your business to the next level and beyond
  • I help you get your business established properly based on “your level” of need.
Jamal Bull
Jamal Bull
I’ve been coming to Hardge Connections for the past 3/4 years to get my taxes done and I’m always pleased with the level of service I receive. I’ve referred a few of my friends to the company because it’s just that good and efficient. Ktasha really does value your time, money, and shares education with you about how to handle your finances for the better For You. Thank you again.
Hands down best of the best, Hardge Connections is the only person I trust to prepare my taxes. She communicates well, very responsive and trustworthy. I've never had an issue an Ive been a client since 2009
N Mcwirth
N Mcwirth
Great Service & Extremely through... As well as adding new services to keep you up to date.
Norman Smith
Norman Smith
Thank you for several years of great service and reliability. The best decision I've made was switching my tax needs to Hardge Connections LLC.
Jason Whitehead
Jason Whitehead
My experience has been great. She is very good at what she does. I have no complaints. Everything went very smoothly. I would love to work with her again.
Colleen Campbell
Colleen Campbell
I’ve been using Hardge Connectors for over 20yrs the service here is exceptional Ktasha is very professional and polite I wouldn’t have it no other way!
Be working with Ktasha over 10 years now and I am always very pleased- Good service.Very flexible and accommodating.
Monique Brown
Monique Brown
Ktasha is very professional and her customer service is superb!

“Thank you for several years of great service and reliability. The best decision I've made was switching my tax needs to Hardge Connections LLC.”

Norman Smith

“Reliable, trustworthy, accurate and professional..”

kisha fenty