Your Knowledge Can Help Solve People’s Problems

No matter what you have a deep level of knowledge in (aka your “niche”), you have the ability to help others solve their problems and get paid for it!. This applies to ANY business, and if you’re good at what you do, then your expertise can be shared in the form of an information product (e-guide, course, etc.) that people WILL buy from you.

Let’s take a quick look at common problems that people turn to the internet to help themselves solve by way of information. Do you “see yourself” as being able to solve any or several of these?

In the Business category, some common problems that people need help solving are:

How to increase revenue while saving time.

People want more than one way to keep money coming in (multiple income streams)

People want to be more strategic about how they run their businesses, to save time and dollars yet stay profitable.

People want visibility – they want to become a household name, authority on a topic, or popular in the area they specialize.

People want low cost advertising and marketing solutions.

Now let’s look at the Health category. Some common problems that people need help solving are:

How to be healthier and decrease their susceptibility to chronic disease.

People want to recover from colds and viruses more quickly  (especially with Coronavirus running rampant).

People want cures for their embarrassing and annoying conditions such as acne, jock itch, IBS, warts and many others.

People want to relieve their pain and discomfort, for example, headaches, digestive issues, back and neck pain, arthritis.

Yes…I’m trying to think of all kinds of categories, because sometimes I think a lot of you don’t realize just how many billions of people that exist and how many are on the Internet searching for things that YOU can help them solve.

Let’s look at the Home and family category. Here are some common problems that people need help solving:

They want a more organized and pleasant living space.

They want economical solutions for improving their home.

They want fast, reliable and affordable options for fixing things when they break – home maintenance.

They want to become more efficient in running the daily tasks of managing a household – such as keeping things clean, keeping up with laundry, etc.

They want better meal management – catching the best deals on fresh food, ideas for meals that are nutritious and that their family enjoys, repurposing leftovers

Life coaching and self help is a category that has really been increasing over the last few years. Here are some problems that people need help solving:

People need support around career change and pursuing a new field of interest

People need help in navigating difficult relationships

People need tips on how to take control of their own lives

People need help with setting and achieving goals – they want a cheerleader and an accountability partner

People need a confidence boost so they can manifest the things they wish would happen

People need reminders of how to be happy

People need self care suggestions and support

Can you cook your ass off? Well, there are people searching for delicious recipes or quick and easy meals.

I’m only scratching the surface here. But I’m trying to help you see how you can add value to the “marketplace” and get paid to do so.

I know that there are so many other categories I haven’t mentioned. So I want you to sit and think about what you know better than most people. I want you to think how many in your circle come to you for specific problems because they know you are simply their personal “guru” in the topic of X. This is where ideas for what type of services or information products will come from.

Once you finish brainstorming a list like this, you can take the next step and start letting people know that you are going to be offering services or creating information products like digital e-books, workbooks, How To Videos, etc., that people are likely to want more info on and therefore make a purchase.

Don’t overthink it. Trust me when I say “keep it simple”. In the beginning, you do not have to rush into forming an LLC or a Corporation as you’re “testing the waters”. Give yourself some time and worry about those kinds of things later.

Besides adding this as an additional stream of income, you will organically be creating an opportunity for yourself to improve your taxes.

Do you need help? I specialize in helping people just like you develop a plan of action to take you from where you are to where you’d like to be. Send an email to and find out how I an help make a difference in your life.