Relaunching My Blog and the Overall Brand of “Me” – Ktasha Hardge aka Hardge Connections

Hello World! Happy Summer!!

I hope you are all living your best life!

I’ve been away for a while…well…not totally, because if you follow me on Social Media…I’m still very much “there”. But here on my business website, I have not been as active on my blog as I used to be. One reason is because I was blogging on a totally different website, formerly known as Smart Tax Tips 4Biz (which I’ve now shut down). You see, through my entrepreneurial journey of my brand – Hardge Connections LLC – I began to specialize in tax matters for entrepreneurs so I felt the need to run two websites – WRONG! [That’s why it’s important to know your target audience, which I had to learn, because I was trying to serve “everyone”]

On top of that, because I am now a “go-to” resource for people looking to start their own business or improve the business they already have, what I do has become so much more than just dealing with “taxes”. So I was genuinely struggling with what to post on my blog so I just didn’t bother.

Then…I struggled with trying to “fit in” to the boring, corporate world of accounting and taxation and feeling the need to post about what every other accountant was posting…which didn’t help me to stand out from the crowd at all.

So now…here I am…new website…new me…so please allow me to (re)introduce myself. My name is Ktasha Hardge, yes, the K is silent so when you reach out, please do not call me Katasha or K’tasha, lol, and I’m totally fine with you calling me Tasha when sending me an email or text. Yes, my mother put a silent K at the beginning of my name because she wanted my name to be different…hence, this made me overall “different”, and I’m okay with that.

If this is your first time finding my page and you’d like to know who I am and what I do… First and foremost, I am a Lifestyle Entrepreneur. If you are wondering what that means, basically it simply means that you create a business (or businesses) around the kind of lifestyle you want. Your business supports your life and allows you to create freedom while making an impact on people’s lives. It allows flexibility in your schedule (because you set your own schedule) and your location is independent. Yes, you do stay pretty busy because beyond running your business(es) and building your brand…you still have other priorities in your life like your health, your family and your friends. But at the end of the day…you are living with a peace of mind.

Now…professionally speaking, I am not a Tax Preparer! I am actually a Tax Strategist and that’s what makes me different. I spend more time figuring out legal ways that I can reduce the amount of taxes you may owe or increase the amount of any refunds you may be entitled to. My 20 years of tax and business experience is what qualifies me to do what I do and deliver the kind of results that I’m able to accomplish (just ask some of my clients).

Not only am I a Tax Strategist, but I am also a Business Growth Consultant and Educator to Entrepreneurs across the U.S. and beyond, so you have the option of receiving a three-dimensional level of service when working with me. Your relationship with me will involve me giving you jewels of information (just ask some of my clients), to help you run your business smarter (I know this, because I’ve learned from my own mistakes as well as learned from others who have come to me with numerous problems that I have solved). My guidance will empower you with the knowledge you need to take your business (and even your mindset) to the next level. Do I also serve individuals who don’t have a business? Yes, I do.

Technology has come too far to be chained to a desk, and rent for commercial space is money that I can put towards much more important areas of my life, so I do not operate from a traditional office. My services are conducted remotely and I work predominantly from home as well as from wherever I feel like setting up my laptop. So I am not the person for you if you are basing what I can or cannot do for you on account of me not operating from an office. I conduct meetings by phone and video and if you do want to meet in person, let me know and we can arrange something…including out-of-town travel. (I’m located in the State of New York, County of Westchester). Submitting documents to me can conveniently be done through Fax (1-866-225-3943), Email ( or or you can upload them to the secure client portal a secure space here on my website

You should visit my blog often if you want to learn from me, because I will be blogging about topics surrounding taxes, entrepreneurship, making money, saving money, financial tips, and sprinkles of personal growth topics, as well as posting answers to specific questions I receive.

Thank you for visiting and stay tuned for my next informational post.

Here’s how you can get documents to me:

  • Fax me directly at 1-866-225-3943
  • Email me at (only for document submissions) for regular communication, please use
  • Use SecureSend by CLICKING HERE
  • Create a Client Profile by CLICKING HERE and uploading to your online folder
  • If you are a Google User, “Share” your document with me using
  • Inbox me on Facebook
  • SMS Text to my Android Cell Phone [my number is given to you after you become my client]
  • iMessage through my iPad [my iMessage info is given to you after you become my client]