New Business Formation

From the checklist, there are some services that I offer and the one’s that I don’t offer, I can help guide you on where to get help.

A. Click Here for more info on Choosing a Name for Your Business

B. Registering Your Business – Please Email me for more info on this service

C. Obtaining Your EIN – This service comes with getting your business registered by me but is also available as a single-service if you’ve already gotten your business registration taken care of.

D. If there are certain Permits and/or Business Licenses needed for your products or services, I can help you.

E.Opening up a Business Bank Account – You have many options offline in your local area as well as online banks. One Online bank that I highly recommend is Azlo.

F. Setting up your Accounting/Bookkeeping System is something I do help with including Ongoing service. Please contact me for more info.

G. Obtaining a Business Mailing Address can be done with your local post office. USPS now allows you to use their street address so that you don’t have to put P.O. Box for your address. There are also other options like the UPS Store and other similar companies. Just google it.

H. Registering a Domain Name for your future business Website can be done with Godaddy, Bluehost or countless others.

I. Securing a Business Email address can be taken care of with whatever service provider you use for your Domain name.

J. Obtaining your Wholesale license is the same as registering to collect Sales Tax in your State. Please contact me for more info.

K. Getting Business Cards – lots of vendors out there

L. Setting up your social media accounts – if you’re unsure how to do this for any of the platforms, this is something I can assist you with as well as offer you Marketing Guidance and Tips! I highly recommend that you book me for a consultation on this topic.

M. Setting up other business systems is another way I can add value to your business. Systemizing a lot of what you do will put you on the pathway to success!

N. Getting your logo or business name Trademarked – is another service I can help you with but it is also a good idea to go through a Trademark Attorney

O. Getting Business Insurance – Lots of good resources out there. Just google it and explore reviews.

When starting a new business, although you will make mistakes, it’s good to avoid as many as possible. Click Here to watch a short video on How to Avoid These 6 Business Mistakes Often Made by New Business Owners


Nowadays, writing a long business plan document is really not necessary unless you’re planning to explore options of getting private funding through banks and investors. But having something outlined for yourself to help you organize your thoughts and goals for the business and help you lay out everything is a great idea.

Click Here’s to access a Free Resource to a Business Plan Template


Depending on the type of business you’re starting, whether it’s products or services, it’s a good idea to estimate the amount of money you will need to get started. In some cases, your costs will be very little and may only require fees to register your business in your State and purchase a domain name for your website. Then there are times when there’s more involved.

Click Here for a resource to tell you more about the costs to get started

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