How Do You Show Income If You Are Self Employed

Are you wondering how do you show Income when you are self employed?

Well here are the 5 main ways:

1. Form 1099-MISC is a form issued to you from businesses and/or people who you’ve performed a service for and received $600 or more in total for the year. This is usually through an Independent Contractor arrangement.

2. When you’re Self-Employed or have an LLC solely owned by you (and is not taxed as an S-Corporation), you will be filing an IRS Form called Schedule C for your business. Schedule C will list all of your Revenue and your Expenses broken down by various categories.

3. Your Profit & Loss Report also known as your P&L is a report that you can populate through your bookkeeping software. (Please tell me you’re using bookkeeping software

4. A W-2 issued from your own C-Corporation (yes, you are an employee to your own C-Corp

5. Your Bank Statements from your business account (please tell me your have a business account for your business and that you’re not mixing business and personal transactions from your personal account

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