Here is the IRS Opening Date for 2023 Tax Season With Estimated Refund Dates

So the IRS has announced that they will begin accepting electronically filed tax returns on January 23, 2023. The tax deadline is April 18, 2023 since April 15th falls on a Saturday and although the next business day would normally be Monday, April 17th…the 17th is Emancipation Day which makes the next business day, April 18th.

If you think you’ll need additional time, file an Extension. Filing an Extension gives you additional time to file your tax return, but it does not protect you if you owe a balance, so it’s often a good idea to send in an estimated payment when you file the extension, even if you only send $1,000.

If you’re a business owner whose business is structured as a S-Corporation or Partnership, then your business tax return is due by March 15th. If you think you’ll need additional time, file an Extension. This extension will give you until September 15th to file your business tax return.

LLC’s that are “not” taxed as an S or C Corporation file a Schedule C business tax return which is also due by April 18th along with your regular 1040 tax return.

C Corporations are due by April 18th.

The table below are “estimated” dates of when you can expect your refund. Please do not use this table as an exact date.

**Please note that tax returns that have EIC (Earned Income Credit) or CTC (Child Tax Credit) may take an additional 2-3 weeks for processing because the IRS wants to go through your tax return in greater detail to make sure that you qualify for these credits.

Visit the Tax Center for various resources like the Federal Income Tax Calculator, a Tax Calendar with all the due dates, the Tax Withholding Calculator which can help you make adjustments on your W-4 form and many more.

Do you know how to calculate your tax bracket? Be sure to check out my YouTube video which teaches you how to do that. Knowing your tax bracket is very helpful when it comes to tax planning.